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Natural Handmade Soap

Soap has been made for thousands of years normally with the cheapest animal fats and by products.  At Uwharrie Soap Co. we ONLY use pure Coconut, Palm and other tropical tree oils to provide you with the mildest longest lasting soap money can buy.


Stop cramps and reduce pain with the natural properties of Uwharrie Thieves Oil along with Magnesium & Dead Sea Salt. MAGNICA also provides plenty of Arnica Montana for it's inflammation. 


Coming Soon.....

Cafe' Se Leva

Have you ever wanted that Spa Experience at home?  Start with Cafe' Se Leva, our very best moisturizer that reduces the signs of aging and promotes healthy glowing skin.

Private label

Have an idea for a product? Let us formulate it into reality.  We adore developing private labels products for our customers.


Everything we need is provided by Mother Nature, if you embrace this ideal you are at the right place.