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URE Soap Exclusive Product


We used our knowledge of the miracle of thieves oil along with Arnica Montana to design our MAGNICA therapeutic oils blend to attack pain on contact. 

The little Arnica Montana flower may look ordinary, but it is the source of one of the most vital therapeutic essential oils on Earth. We also added Niaouli oil for its antibacterial properties.  

At the heart of MAGNICA is our Dead Sea salts and natural Western Magnesium mixture that has unique healing qualities. These essential minerals also stop cramps in their tracks. Dead Sea salts are rich with 27% of Dead Sea salts have overall composition  various salts, or healing minerals: magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride, and bromides. 

  • Magnesium calms the nervous system, slows skin aging and combats stress and fluid retention. 
  • Calcium, like cinnamon, improves circulation, strengthens bones and nails, and also prevents water retention. 
  • Potassium is a crucial mineral to replenish following intense exercise, and it also energizes the body and helps to balance skin moisture. 
  • Bromides relax muscles and ease muscle stiffness. 
  • Sodium is important for lymphatic fluid balance for immune system function, but only in the much smaller amounts that are found in Dead Sea Salts.  

Directions: Apply a thin coating to the affected area as needed with gentle rubbing to help the skin absorb the therapeutic oils.


We are very proud of this new product. We were approached by a sports trainer who was fighting cramps and pain associated with injuries in a contact sport. He wanted a compound that dealt with these issues, fast! We went straight to work and Magnica was born.MAGNICA was then tested on a Ladies Roller Derby blocker, civilian Boot Camp trainers, college football athletes and regular folks with various pains from a range of conditions. Not a single tester reported anything but relief!